"Chanti brings vast knowledge and deep intuition to her work. Her intention is clear and her approach precise. She holds nurturing space for deep re-patterning and transformation. She has the ability to teach at multiple layers simultaneously, and I feel I could trust her guidance and empowering support in the most challenging situations." 

- Jesse Kaminash, Body Mind Centering Practitioner, Los Angeles, California


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Are you organizing a workshop, panel discussion or breakout session for an event or conference? Do you want to host a workshop at your organization, collective or school? Email chanti@embodiedbeginnings.com, with the event information and desired topic (see list below for workshops I teach or propose a new topic)!


"Chanti's training provided us with a number of tools and ideas that have helped to deepen our collective practice and build a stronger community." 

- Ben Blackshear, SolidarityNYC Member, Astoria, New York


Past Workshops

"When I began my journey in Pre and Perinatal Psychology in 1999, I remember hearing Pre and Perinatal Psychology pioneer William Emerson say that a new professional is on the horizon, one that knows about obstetrics, childbirth, somatic and emotional processes, and trauma resolution. Chanti embodies this kind of professional. Her knowledge about pre and perinatal patterns and how to resolve them extends from her years of study and practices as a midwife, professional training with Ray Castellino, Body Mind Centering® and Somatic Experiencing®. As a student or client, you cannot go wrong by choosing to work with her. The Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH) is pleased to be working with her as a trainer for our students in the somatic processes necessary to support PPN learning."

- Kate White, Director of Education, Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH), Charlottesville, Virginia