Conscious Fertility & Conception

Having a baby is one of the most significant experiences of your life. In today’s world this transformative journey can often feel daunting, lonely, and confusing. To bring life into the world is powerful, life changing and a cause for joy. When it comes to having a baby, support is key. When navigating your way through pregnancy and into parenthood it is helpful to have someone who can understand what you are going through and competently guide you through the process. Preconception and prenatal sessions support and prepare you for pregnancy, labor and birth.


"Chanti is a wonderful, attentive, and knowledgeable health care professional and healer. I came to her to help resolve issues around fertility and pregnancy, and the results were amazing! Blocks were found and released so that a new intentional consciousness could be brought in. I felt wonderfully nurtured, supported, calm, full of power, strength and joy. I have always had a retroflexed uterus, though on my last exam my OB/GYN told me that my uterus was midline! Chanti has magic hands and a nurturing soul. I highly recommend her and hope that many others can have the incredible experience of her support in fertility, pregnancy and birth." 

- Benedicte Henschien, Child Development Specialist, Brooklyn, NY


How to Know if this Support is Right for You

  • Are you preparing for conception?
  • Do you want to conceive with awareness and preparation?
  • Is trying to conceive causing tension in your relationship with your partner?
  • Are you overwhelmed by fertility treatment options?
  • Have you had traumatic gynecological procedures?
  • Have you experienced pregnancy loss?
  • Were you told negative stories about your conception and birth?


Sessions Include

As your somatic therapist, midwife, and herbalist I will approach each session specifically to meet your needs, developing a personalized protocol, incorporating multiple modalities to gently explore, re-pattern and resolve early trauma and imprinting, including:


"My experiences with the Womb Surround helped me to look at my own beginning and therefore move on. It helped me find new ways to relate to people in my surroundings. It helped me become a mother. The way the sessions were set up, we were all given tools on how to set important boundaries and communicate with people in a both straightforward and equal way. Chanti and the other participants made me feel very safe and even though we were all strangers, loved. A few months after the surround I got pregnant and during that time I saw Chanti in private sessions which was the most wonderful support I've ever had. During those meetings the work that started during the Womb Surround was deepened. All together the work has helped me understand motherhood on a much deeper level. Mother as in being the biological mother of a young baby but also about motherhood as a more spiritual and general idea." 

- Fia Sandlund, Filmmaker, Single Mother by Choice, Brooklyn, NY



  • Move forward with ease
  • Enjoy the process of becoming a parent
  • Feel strong physically, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Understand how to optimize your fertility
  • Release unnecessary blocks and obstacles
  • Confidently make choices around treatments and other care
  • Resolve and heal trauma around trying to conceive
  • Experience a safe place to grieve losses and challenges
  • Learn practical tools to support your journey


Benefits of Sessions for You and Your Partner Together

  • Explore and understand each other’s feelings about pregnancy, birth and parenting
  • Understand each other's fears, concerns and needs
  • Work together effectively to support your vision in conceiving
  • Practice giving and receiving support with each other
  • Practice comfort measures and massage techniques for conception and pregnancy


Client Forms

To prepare for your first session with me, please fill out the Adult Intake Form and email it back to me or bring it to your appointment.