Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy & Bodywork

I offer supportive and transformational bodywork sessions for families and individuals. My work, grounded in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, is safe and gentle. I focus on structure and energy, and invite healing on a deep level. It is my commitment to listen to your body and to support the innate health that is within you.


"When we are present with someone's expression of their life force, there's a profound affect created that brings about healing... and there is a natural relief of your suffering. This can be so profound that you have physical sensations and changes as well as emotional expressions. Someone has acknowledged who you are... It's the deepest form of communication, being to being. There are no words in this connection and it feels timeless." 

- Steve Haines, "What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?"


My Specialities

  • anxiety and stress
  • trauma
  • women's health
  • chronic health issues, including lyme, autoimmunity and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • digestive disorders
  • fertility, pregnancy and postpartum
  • breastfeeding and bonding and attachment
  • injuries and accidents



  • orienting to our original health and remembering our inherent goodness
  • embodying our fluid being, our embryological blueprint
  • slowing down to get there faster
  • allowing for natural unwinding of tension and compression 
  • releasing deeply held tensions and trauma in and safe and spacious environment
  • trusting and honoring of the body’s deeper wisdom
  • creating more space, presence and breath in the whole body


My Approach

In the past 20 twenty years I delved deeply into the realms of healing to be of service to the world, and to answer questions around my own journey of reclaiming health. I have discovered so many beautiful modalities and methods that support profound healing on the levels of body, mind and spirit. When I work, I draw on all of my experience and meet each person and family where they are at. Our sessions together empower you to feel healthy and happy in your body, and to trust in your body's innate wisdom. This supports your ability to resolve stuck patterns, obstacles, fears or past trauma keeping you from having the joyful life that you desire and that is your birthright. In a session you will receive support that is deeply influenced by all of my training, including Body-Mind Centering®, Somatic Experiencing®, Authentic Movement, Midwifery, Herbalism, Zero Balancing, Chi Nei Tsang, Mayan Uterine Massage, Acupressure and Jin Shin Jyutsu. I look at these modalities like the systems of the body, we are not just informed by organs or bones, we are breathing living organisms working together in harmonic resonance. 



"Chanti is a complete gift to my life. Her ability to be present and connect with what's going on in my body, head and heart has facilitated profound, positive change in my life. She is highly intuitive and grounded in her knowledge of the body and a very gifted practitioner." 

- Amy Baker, LMT, RCST, Brooklyn, New York


Support During the Childbearing Years

Craniosacral therapy is especially supportive for mothers throughout pregnancy, as well as after birth for babies and parents.   I am happy to offer in-home postpartum sessions for the whole family.

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Client Forms

To prepare for your first session with me, please fill out the Adult Intake Form and email it back to me or bring it to your appointment.