Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing, in the method developed by Dr. Daniel Foor, is a framework through which you can heal your ancestral lineages. This method is client-cenetered, and places the focus on the relationship between you and your ancestors. This may be different from other kinds of ancestor work, in that the practitioner is there to guide the process, but not to do the ritual work for the client. This supports you and your ancestors building relationships of secure attachment.


  • Ancestors exist in the present

  • Ancestors are not static, they can change, grow and heal

  • Ancestors vary in their states of health or wellbeing

  • The influence between living people and ancestors is significant


  • Assessment

  • Connect with a guide, including prayer around the generations between the guide and you, and understanding the blessings and burdens of the lineage

  • Healing the older ones not known by name

  • Healing the recent ones known by name and/or 3 most recent generations

  • Root the blessings of the lineage in your body, in your life, and among living family and allow for physiological integration

The benefits of this work are numerous, including: clarity in your life purpose and professional path, support for the process of making a family, deepening into committed relationship with a partner, and generally helping you to feel well-supported and backed by a whole crew of well ancestors who can offer guidance and a sense of belonging in your family.

Details About Working Together

If you are new to working in this method of Ancestral Healing, please book an initial 1.5 hour session. For current clients or folks already engaged in this work, please book a follow up 1 hour session.

If you have any questions, please book a complimentary consult to discuss working together.