Birthing Yourself Womb Surround Workshops

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This workshop is an opportunity to explore early imprints around conception, birth and postpartum time with a small group and skilled support and presence. When you are given the space to explore early imprinting, in connection to a present day intention, you are able to understand and integrate how your nervous system developed and how this affects you today. A Birthing Yourself Womb Surround includes experiential work as well as cognitive learning based on the latest research in neurophysiology and bonding and attachment.


Why explore our early experiences? 

Conception, birth and postpartum is an important time in our lives. This is a space where you can safely and gently access early imprints for deeper understanding of how you meet your life and challenges, in a supportive environment. You will have the opportunity to re-negotiate and resolve early patterning to experience deep healing. 

”Thank you Chanti. The space that you hold is remarkable — both wise and deep. I had the feeling of being completely supported, free to dive into a deep pool of empty space and follow the impulses that would lead me to a richer, fuller, more integrated self.” - Mark Wolynn, Director, The Family Constellation Institute, Marin, CA

Check out Anna Verwaal's TEDx talk "From womb to world" and Nadine Burke Harris's TED talk "How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime" to learn more about how early experiences shape our lives.


"What did I get from the womb surround? Everything." - Barri Malek, Midwife, Brooklyn, NY

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Who is this for? 

All of us were born and have a birth story and early experiences that shape who we are and how we make sense of the world. When we, re-pattern and resolve early trauma and fear, we have greater freedom and choice in our present lives. If you are a birth and health professional you will find the skills learned will directly transfer to your work with families. If you are pre-conceptive, pregnant, or parenting you will find support for your journey. 



Designed by Elsa Asher, MS, CD(DONA) - these principles were developed by Ray Castellino, DC [retired], RPP, RPE, RCST® and enhanced by Myrna Martin, MN, RCC, RCST® and their students.


"The Womb Surround helped me to resolve many old family and personal 'stories'. It was like having my soul steam cleaned. My prayer would be that all mothers approaching birth have a midwife who has experienced this deep cleaning of heart and soul." - Robin Lim, Midwife, CNN Hero, Author of After the Baby's Birth, Bali, Indonesia



  • Increase self awareness and self care

  • Understand physiology of trauma, how fear and anxiety affect you in your life

  • Identify signs of trauma in and know how to ground and center in any situation

  • Gain skills in resolving trauma for yourself and with others

  • Experience how you remember your own birth and early experience

  • Discover how understanding your own birth and experience can support you in more freedom, ease and clarity in your life

  • Practice principles that will support you to set boundaries and communicate clearly in personal and professional relationships

  • Understand how trans-generational patterns repeat and gain greater choice and ability to change the patterns in your own life


"How wonderful to be in the nurturing "midwifed" womb space Chanti creates. It was such a well constructed container with mindful loving touch which is so transformative! Thank you for your healing, deep, skillful, and loving gifts." - Norma Burton, Unity Minister, Ashland, OR

My Approach

In the past 20 twenty years I delved deeply into the realms of healing to be of service to the world, and to answer questions around my own journey of reclaiming health. I have discovered so many beautiful modalities and methods that support profound healing on the levels of body, mind and spirit. When I work, I draw on all of my experience and meet each person and family where they are at. Our sessions together empower you to feel healthy and happy in your body, and to trust in your body's innate wisdom. This supports your ability to resolve stuck patterns, obstacles, fears or past trauma keeping you from having the joyful life that you desire and that is your birthright. In a session you will receive support that is deeply influenced by all of my training, including Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Body-Mind Centering®, Somatic Experiencing®, Authentic Movement, Midwifery, Herbalism, Zero Balancing, Chi Nei Tsang, Mayan Uterine Massage, Acupressure and Jin Shin Jyutsu. I look at these modalities like the systems of the body, we are not just informed by organs or bones, we are breathing living organisms working together in harmonic resonance. 


"It was an amazing experience for me with Chanti. It was the perfect warm, nurturing, loving environment that is necessary to process difficult stories and emotions from the past. Also, it was such a healing moment to re-experience being inside the womb and going through my own birth. This has been exceptionally helpful both in my work as a birth doula and in my personal journey of self-development." - Eszter Domjan, Doula and Mental Health Counselor, New York, NY



Birthing Yourself Womb Surrounds are offered in group and individual formats. Groups consist of 4-6 people and are held as a weekly series or long weekend intensive. Individual sessions are approximately 3 hours and are facilitated by two practitioners.


"I am feeling so deeply appreciative of who you are and what you bring to the world. You bring a level of non-judgmental presence, which makes me feel safe and so seen, that I look forward to my sessions with you as I might to a 3 hour massage. I always leave feeling complete, as if I have come back home, in such a nourishing way. The womb surround session was so profoundly moving and full of 'aha' moments, it was so life affirming that I don't even have word to do it justice. After years of healing work and therapy, I feel so fortunate to have found you and your deep bag of tools, which start with your generous heart." - Ajana Miki, Naturopathic Doctor, Ashland, OR



To prepare for your Birthing Yourself Womb Surround, please fill out the Birthing Yourself Womb Surround Intake Form and bring it to the workshop or session.