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Holistic Childbirth Education Group Series

Holistic childbirth preparation classes incorporate relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques for pregnancy and childbirth. Classes support a mother's natural instincts and pre-birth bonding to experience a more empowered birthing. Five, 2.5 hour classes are held in a small group format to support mothers and their partners, or birth companions to prepare for an empowered and embodied birth experience. 

I teach a comprehensive and holistic childbirth education class supporting parents to use their natural instincts to experience a safer, easier, and more comfortable birthing. I combine many methods, drawing upon hypnosis-centered techniques, such as guided imagery and breath work, as well as the latest research in Pre and Perinatal Psychology, focusing on pre-birth bonding and understanding the consciousness of the little one inside.

Classes include information, exercises and resources on: 

  • preparation to have an empowered and embodied birthing experience
  • nutrition, herbal medicine and homeopathic support
  • options and providers for home, birth center and hospital birth
  • anatomy and physiology of birth
  • how to support variations of the normal birth process
  • how to release fears and prevent trauma
  • exercises on the perception of pain
  • massage and hands-on comfort measures
  • positions for labor
  • postpartum, breastfeeding and newborn care


"Childbirth education with Chanti truly shifted my perception of birth, giving me the tools and belief in myself to accomplish a safe and beautiful birth." 

- Johanna Guevara-Smiley, Graphic Designer, Brooklyn, New York


"Despite how informed I felt as a result of the class, I wasn't sure how effective the hypnosis and relaxation techniques would be for me when I was in labor. Chanti helped me to keep an open mind and made me feel as if I could utilize the material and techniques in my own way. In the end, I can't believe how much the techniques helped. I will continue to drawn on them in future life experiences. Chanti is an amazing birth teacher!" 

- Corinne Botz, Artist, Brooklyn, New York