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Copy of water of life essence labels-2.png


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For activists, practitioners, caregivers, and spirit heart centered warriors: supports being calm, clear, grounded, confident. Supports having healthy boundaries, claiming space, standing for the earth, and each other, standing in the heart, for our times, and for love. Clears obstacles. Supports staying, balance, centered, open, aware, strong, action-oriented. Space clearing/cleansing as a spritzer. Use at actions, in meetings, groups, fundraising, in clinics and treatment rooms, anywhere people gather to work for health.

Essence of Artichoke, Centaury, Chicory, Larkspur, Mariposa Lily, Penstemon, Globe Thistle, Pretty Thistle, Spear Thistle, Pink Yarrow, Yarrow, Carnelian, Hematite, and Frankincense and Lavender essential oils


Warrior formula features


Transforming anger into constructive and positive action. 


Serving others from inner strength from inner purpose, healthy recognition of one's own needs, saying no when appropriate. 


Supports differentiation, selfless love given freely, mindful of the needs of others, bountiful expression of care for all of life, wellspring of love, giving, devoted and receptive, counteracts feelings of victimhood. 


Leadership, joyful service, enthusiasm, counteracts martyrdom, alignment between feeling life and ideals, inspiring others by example through social service.

Mariposa Lily 

Heals trauma, repairs relationship with maternal archetype and the earth. Perceptive, receptive, being in community, sharing with others while being true to oneself. 


Inner fortitude, perseverance, courage, resilience, experiencing a sense of choice for one's own life path even if it includes challenges and accepting one's calling.

Globe Thistle  

Taking planetary action and responsibility, global consciousness, maintaining mental willpower in groups, psychic protection.

Pretty Thistle

Protection from attack and aggression. 

Spear Thistle  

 Defense against judgement, and protection from toxic situations. 

Pink Yarrow

Appropriate emotional boundaries, counteracts co-dependence, calms the soul, supports people are sensitive and empathic to use these abilities well, loving awareness of others within a field of self-contained consciousness, protection, grounded, compassionate presence versus sympathetic merging. 


Wound healer, knits things back together, inclusivity, re-balances, stabilizes, grounds, protection.


Energizes, supports the resolution of burnout or over-giving.


Energizes, supports the resolution of burnout or over-giving. Strengthens emotional boundaries, emotional inter-dependence rather than co-dependence rather than co-dependence, even while witnessing intense emotions in others, contains one's own emotions in a responsible way. 

Frankincense Essential Oil

Grounding, peace, wellness.

Mountain Spring Water infused with Frequency Specific Microcurrents

Supports healing and tone of the vagus nerve, vitality, balances emotions in each organ system and energy center, restores joy and ease.