Supports forming an intention for oneself from a place of clarity, renewal, and forward motion, activating personal will in the highest form, with balanced masculine and feminine energies, connection to spirit, earth and one's inner strength and vitality.

Essence of Deerbrush, Forget-Me-Not, Madonna Lily, Sunflower, Wild Oat, Diamond, Malachite


Intention formula features


Clarity of purpose, clear intention, nobility of purpose, sincerity of motive, radiating truth and harmony, coherence and resonance of heart, mind and belly, integration of inner feeling and outer action.


Deep mindfulness of subtle realms, connection with and acknowledgement of spiritual world, conviction in relationships, open to being guided, supports deep relationship.

Madonna Lily

Receptivity, intuition, renewal, cleansing, opens us to the spiritual path, supports the relationship with and embodiment of healthy feminine energy, supports the conception of new ideas and fertility/creativity of all forms.


Sun-radiant healthy confidence of "I shine like the sun", ability to stand up and shine one's light in the world, brings the quality of light, warmth, loving compassion, healing and blessing, supports the relationship with and embodiment of health masculine energy.

Wild Oat

Work as an expression of inner calling and true values, focus, finding the thing in life that attracts one the most and doing it, supports right work and aligning one's outward life with inner goals.


Activates personal will in the highest form, strengthens ability to act in alignment with divine purpose. Brings clarity to the higher mind/third eye, supports the ability to make commitments and act from a place of clarity.


Grounding, brings unity, helps align all aspects of self, supports grounded forward movement, connects one more to the physical world.

Mountain Spring Water infused with Frequency Specific Microcurrents

Supports healing and tone of the vagus nerve, vitality, balances emotions in each organ system and energy center, restores joy and ease.