Supports slowing down to rest and relax, enjoying feeling in connection with others, time to reflect on one's actions in quiet clarity, restoring and replenishing oneself for the next cycle.

Essence of Day Lily, Lily of the Valley, Rock Rose, Violet, Water Violet, Aquamarine, Opal


Integration formula features

Daylily .

Slow down, realize one's own choice and rest, relaxing. 

Lily of the Valley 

Unconditional love, harmonizes with other essences, increases love, joy, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, humility, inspires us to release all that is unlike love, feeling nurtured. 

Rock Rose

Restores self-transcending courage, inner peace and tranquility, surrender and non attachment. Brings one out of survival mode, inner peace and mental clarity.  


Perceptive, receptive, being in community, sharing with others while being true to oneself. 

Water Violet 

Appreciating and enjoying social relationships, calm, warm, inclusive state of consciousness, sharing one's gifts with others, compassionate and joyful connection to the human family. 


Calm, quiet clarity, serene state of clear receptivity. 


Rejuvenating, replenishes creative energies.   

Mountain Spring Water infused with Frequency Specific Microcurrents

Supports healing and tone of the vagus nerve, vitality, balances emotions in each organ system and energy center, restores joy and ease.