Follow Through


Follow Through


Supports completion, feeling held and rested while wrapping up loose ends, continuity, repair and healing of trauma and deeply impactful experiences. Supports staying connected with oneself and others, feeling safe, and experiencing love and self-acceptance and appreciating what has been created. 

Essence of Clematis, Impatiens, Shasta Daisy, Star of Bethlehem, White Crocus, Wild Pink Tulip, Moldavite


Follow Through formula features


Awake, focused presence, manifesting inspiration in practical life, embodiment, stability, down to earth and practical enabling to fulfill one's work in the world. 


Patience, acceptance, in tune with natural pacing of life and others, presence in the moment, taking in the experience, seeing the more gentle and subtle exchanges with others, supports slowing down, stills the attention and deepens the breathing, receptivity. 

Shasta Daisy

Synthesizing ideas into the whole, being able to see each part, view the big picture or pattern and overall meaning, integration, re-patterning, supports archetypal and holistic consciousness, intelligence and insight. 

Star of Bethlehem

Soothing, comfort, healing, coming back into the body after a shock or disruption, brings peace to any situation, inner calm, deeply restorative. 

White Crocus

Supports positive healthy bonding, self-reliance and independence, feeling safe, held and part of the whole, restores full-heartedness. 

Wild Pink Tulip 

Love, acceptance, emotionally calm and spacious, accepting oneself and others as they are, centered, self-contentment, trust in oneself, receiving support and love from others, sense of being held and nurtured, trusting one's intuition, feeling good enough, unblocks and stimulates creative energy. 


Present in the moment while accessing deep intuition and wisdom/higher realms to express one's potential, connected, seeing the universal non-dualistic perspective, being present and receiving what one needs to know instead of going outside of oneself to receive it. 

Mountain Spring Water infused with Frequency Specific Microcurrents

Supports healing and tone of the vagus nerve, vitality, balances emotions in each organ system and energy center, restores joy and ease.