Water of Life Essences

Mayyim Hayyim מימ חיימ 


Spirit of the Sequence Essences

This set of 5 essences were inspired by the 5 phases that we work with in the field of prenatal and birth psychology. The Primal Sequence is a map of experience: intention, preparation, action, follow through, and integration. Our first experience of the sequence is the beginning of our life: conception, embryological development, birth, postpartum and being a newborn.

Each remedy is designed to support you in each of the 5 phases. In exploring what you experience in each of the phases, whether it is in the process of a creative project or your everyday life, with the support of the essences you may discover a deeper awareness of personal patterns and the ability to move through each phase with ease, freedom and joy.


Warrior Essence

We created this essence for activists, practitioners, caregivers, and spirit centered warriors. The remedy supports being calm, clear, grounded, and confident. It is a remedy for healthy boundaries, claiming space, standing for the earth and each other, standing in the heart, for our times, and for love. This remedy clears obstacles, supports staying balanced, centered, open, aware, strong, and action-oriented. We made this essence to support us all during this intense political time, to use at actions, in meetings, groups, fundraising, in clinics and treatment rooms, and anywhere people gather to work for health. The Warrior + Action Set is designed for use during actions and other large events, as it supports staying grounded and strong during the action phase.


Created by Chanti Smith & Elsa Asher

We have been dear friends and collaborators since 2011, creating all kinds of things together, including essences, herbal medicine, workshops, events, retreats, webinars, videos and more in New York and California.

Label artwork: Tucker Sinjin and Zoe Sinjin