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Honeyroot Mother-Daughter Retreat, May 6-8, 2016

  • Shady Creek Retreat Center 18601 Pathfinder Way Nevada City, CA, 95959 United States (map)

The mother and daughter relationship is one of the of the most potent, biologically-miraculous, spiritual, complex and diverse relationships in the world.  Some mothers and daughters have only met once, for a brief moment in time.  Some are best friends.  Others talk once a week, sometimes out of joy, other times out of a sense of obligation.  Some see each other regularly; others live on opposite sides of the world. Some fight like sisters, some fight like enemies.  Some cuddle up and talk about relationships, others pour afternoon tea and discuss long term-financial goals.  Some avoid conflict. Others talk through everything. And undoubtedly, even when this relationship is tied up in knots or begging for a good-feeling connection, there is an essential love that expresses itself in different ways over the course of time.

I will be teaching two workshops at this wonderful retreat!

Let's Talk Blood: Our Menstruation Experiences - Past, Present, and Future

How do you feel about your menstrual cycle? What was it like for you when you first began bleeding? How do you feel as a mother having supported your daughter or preparing to support your daughter in this rite of passage? In this safe container we will share stories, have opportunities to ask questions, and learn ritual tools for affirming menarche and monthly honoring.

Birth and Bond: Honoring Our Birth Stories

What do you know about your own birth? If you have given birth, what was your experience like? Explore ways to embody your story and heal any challenges that may have happened. Learn about the phases of birth and how they map onto any action or project. Experience what more support and connection feels like in your body, as a mother and a daughter.