Oct 23

Embodied Anatomy Yoga Intensive: Shasta, CA

  • Shasta Yoga Institute

Embodied Anatomy is a deep, internal study of the human body and includes not only the perception and learning from the mind but offers a direct experience of our body systems, tissues and cells. This intensive will offer you an experiential journey into the body’s anatomical landscapes.

Oct 5

Intro to Somatic Trauma Healing in Your Practice

  • Anywhere - Online at Bastyr University

Interactive 3-Part Webinar at Bastyr University, Wednesdays, September 28, October 5, and October 12, 2016, at 12:00 - 1:15pm PDT

Take your work to a new level through key concepts in Somatic Experiencing® and Pre and Perinatal Trauma Healing and Education - a relational, multi-disciplinary perspective founded in physiologic birth and the innate capacity to heal. Explore ways to create & maintain support and safety, track birth patterns in yourself and your clients, and discover ways to be more embodied and resourced! Gain basic yet profound skills to apply in your practice. Understand autonomic nervous system physiology, trauma and the relationship to birth.  Sense your own nervous system cycles and “windows of presence.”


Aug 4

Birthing Yourself Womb Surround: Ashland, Oregon

  • Ashland, OR USA

This workshop is an opportunity to explore early imprints around conception, birth and postpartum time with a small group and skilled support and presence. Co-facilitated with Kristin Sipley.

10:00 am10:00


  • San Anselmo, California

The Five Phase Sequence is a way of talking about time and space. It is a map for any experience, journey or action. It is a tool for being fully present in yourself throughout a process.

May 8

Honeyroot Mother-Daughter Retreat, May 6-8, 2016

  • Shady Creek Retreat Center

I will be teaching two workshops at this wonderful retreat: "Let's Talk Blood: Our Menstruation Experiences - Past, Present, and Future" and "Birth and Bond: Honoring Our Birth Stories"!

Feb 21

Grateful Heart Network and Yoga Retreat, Costa Rica

  • Lagunas Costa Rica

Experience ultimate healing in one of the most beautiful places on Earth! Join us for 8 decadent days together in the beauty of Costa Rica! Escape mid-winter and restore yourself with network chiropractic entrainments, embodied transformational yoga, meditation, gratitude practices, and optional bodywork, somatic therapy and coaching sessions!

6:30 pm18:30

Holistic Childbirth Education Group Series

Holistic childbirth preparation classes incorporate relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques for pregnancy and childbirth. Classes support a mother's natural instincts and pre-birth bonding to experience a more empowered birthing. Five, 2.5 hour classes are held in a small group format to support mothers and their partners, or birth companions to prepare for an empowered and embodied birth experience. 

Aug 2

Embodiment Seminar: Communication and Presence Skills

  • Hootenanny Art House

An essential course presented by the Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health to support educators, parents and birth professionals! You will learn and experience powerful exercises from a body-oriented perspective to expand and deepen your skill set for working with clients and groups. Through exploring your own birth experience you will gain important insight into how you can support others.

10:00 am10:00

Bonding and Attachment Intensive

In this four part series we will explore bonding and attachment, from the perspective of Somatic Perinatal Psychology, developmental movement, Somatic Experiencing® and Body Mind Centering. This workshop is perfect for doulas, midwives, lactation specialists, psychotherapists, bodyworkers, physical therapists, and any professional who works with babies and families.

10:00 am10:00

Flower Essences for Doulas, Midwives & Bodyworkers

Deepen your holistic skills for supporting healthy pregnancy, birth, postpartum, abortion and pregnancy loss. Explore different styles of touch and practice Jin Shin Jyutsu and Acupressure points for common symptoms, emotional states, and emergency first aid.

10:00 am10:00

Trauma Resolution Skills for Doulas, Midwives & Bodyworkers

Weaving together tools from Somatic Experiencing® and Perinatal Somatic Psychology, you will learn powerful exercises from a body-oriented perspective to expand and deepen your skill set for working with clients. Through bringing awareness to your own experiences, you will expand your capacity to be present with others.

May 3

Intermediate Midwifery Skills Practicum

  • 1671 8th Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11215

Building on the foundation of basic midwifery skills, we delve in deeper, to learn and practice speculum exams, measuring dilation, catching babies, managing postpartum bleeding, and assessing newborns.  Herbal medicine, placenta medicine, homeopathy and acupressure is taught and applied throughout the curriculum material. Requirement: Beginning Midwifery Skills Practicum or equivalent experience. 

Jan 26

Healing from Miscarriage, Abortion and Birth Loss

Together we will explore the physiology and psychology of experiencing and healing miscarriage, abortion and birth loss. Learning will include herbs and homeopathy, trauma resolution, ritual, and other embodied practices. This is an opportunity for doulas, midwives, therapists and other care providers, as well as people who have experienced loss to share and listen to stories and discover how we heal.

Dec 31

Birth Worker as Healer: a Year in the Garden

We gather each month for a full year. This is a unique opportunity for birth professionals of all kinds to deepen your knowledge and skills in holistic health while also being part of a nurturing community of dynamic women. Each gathering is dedicated to self care and skill-building. 

Nov 2

Beginning Midwifery Skills Practicum

  • Brooklyn

This weekend intensive is a hands-on training in grassroots midwifery! It is a unique opportunity to learn clinical skills in a fun and supportive environment. You will learn and practice how to do gentle gynecological exams, take vitals, palpate and measure pregnant bellies, as well as powerful somatic exercises to support practitioner-client relationship building.

7:00 am07:00

Somatic Facilitation

  • 1671 8th Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11215 United States

In this workshop we weave together cutting edge tools and exercises from Somatic Experiencing® and Somatic Perinatal Psychology. In this seminar you will optimize individual and group health, deepen communication skills, experience empowered vulnerability, and increase competency and productivity.